Refer a friend to us. You and your friend get rewards!

Refer a new student to Open Conexus,

earn a AUD $70 AUD gift card (*) and

they win at least $70 AUD as a rebate in their first tuition fee.

(*) Redeemable on online gift cards

Minimum study programs:

- 24 weeks of English
- One year of any vocational education course (VET) 
- One year of any bachelor degree
- One year of any master degree

The member must register the referred client before the client's purchase date.

The benefit will be given when your friend’s Confirmation Of Enrollment letter (COE) has been provided by the institution and they pay at least 12 weeks of English or one term of VET/ Higher education.
The benefit will be given when the person posts a review on Facebook or Instagram and shares the information to us.
By referring 3 or more students in a period of two months and they finish their process within this time frame, there will be extra benefits (
First and second referral: AUD $70, third and fourth referral: AUD $100, fifth referral: AUD $120)

The benefit expires 30 days after the referral has been approved and the post has not been sent to us. 

Terms and conditions apply. In case of referring a couple, there will be only 1 benefit and it will be given to the main applicant. (the one who is going to study)

We reserve the right to define the extra benefit when applies as well as to change the conditions of this offer at any time.


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