Migration Consultancy

People have different goals of coming to Australia. Some want to visit, some want to study and some may want to live and work here.

Migration is a long process, but if that is your goal, we can help you with that too. We can co-operate with a team of professional migration consultants for you, who can guide you with the Visa requirements and documentation to acquire Australian Permanent residence and Citizenship.

Education Consultancy

We understand that every person wishing to move and study in Australia has their own demands and needs. We will tell you more about studies and courses, visa process details and life in Australia. We will suggest the best study options that suit your budget constraints, expectations and future plans.

We will assist you in choosing the best college or university. We will help you with the required paper work and ensure that you are placed in the appropriate course. We will assist you in filling the forms and will go through the enrolment and payment processes with you.

Constant Support

The best comes last. We understand that a long term stay in a foreign land can bring a lot of surprises and you may not be able to handle them always. Which is why we offer continuous support during the entire period of your stay. At any point you are welcome to approach our team with your questions or problems. We are happy to help. Together we will ensure you have a pleasant, hassle-free experience throughout your stay.

Visa Process Guidance

Once the course-selection and placements are done, we help you step by step with the visa application process. We explain you all terminology and immigration office requirements. We help you gather the necessary documents, undergo medical check-up and with filling your visa application.

Our team of professionals with their experience make sure you do things the right way and that your visa application is not rejected due to some missing information or mistakes in the filing.

Tips for Travel & Better Living

Every visit has a purpose and every purpose has some challenges. With our experience we will provide you tips, tricks, advice and suggestions to help you achieve your goals easily.

If you wish to study in Australia, we can advise you about the various courses that can make your stay a wonderful learning experience. If you wish to work, we can assist with your CV, guide you with job applications, help you open a bank account, assist in tax payments, etc. The travel tips from our experts will make your stay safe and enjoyable.

Pickup & Accomodation

One of the headaches of travelling to a foreign country is finding comfortable and affordable accommodation. We, with our network help you find affordable places to stay in the city of your choice even before you travel. In addition we can arrange pick up from the airport when you land in Australia.


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