Where to stay?

Finding a good place to stay in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or any other place in Australia is one of the most important things for all the students coming to down-under.
Just to give you an idea, price of accommodation in Sydney, compared with other major European cities is not so high. Sharing a room in the city centre will cost you about $ 170 – $ 250 per week per person.
You must also remember that you some places may offer really high standards. The price might even include a balcony or a garden with a barbecue, a gym with a swimming pool or even tennis courts. It all depends on your budget, time spent for searching and your luck of course.

Shared room

The most popular way to meet new people, exchange ideas and learn about other cultures is to rent a room in an apartment or a house. The chances are that you will be renting with some other students from various countries. You can rent a room alone or share it with another person. You can find two, three room apartments or even houses with more than five rooms. The rooms, as well as the apartments are usually fully furnished with all the necessary kitchen appliances and also with a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a tumble drier, and a TV and internet/wi-fi. Just remember that even if the price looks good, you need to take a closer look in context of everything else that you might spending like transportation or extra costs (if they are not included in the price).

IAverage room price (Sydney): $170-$250 AUD per week / per person.


This is probably the best way to learn about Australian culture and experience local lifestyle. Homestay is simply living with an Australian family in their home. The price might include all the amenities, cleaning and also meals prepared by your hosts. You will have a chance to practice your English with local residents and learn a lot of interesting facts about Australia itself.

Average homestay price (Sydney): 260 AUD per week / per person / room.

Hostel / Backpacker Accommodation

If you are looking for a place to stay for a shorter time this would be a perfect solution. Hostels in Australia provide budget oriented, sociable accommodation with a bed in a dormitory. It is a good idea to stay there while you are looking for a more stable place, go around the city, visit different parts and check your options. You must remember that this a very good solution for a short time and it might turn out to be rather expensive if you don’t find a place for a longer stay.

Hostel price $165-$200 AUD per week / per person.

Other options

You may decide to stay on campus, stay in a hotel or even rent a whole place for yourself and look for other students to live with you later. It all depends on your budget and needs.

Here are the two most popular sites for anyone looking for a place to stay in Australia:

For all those coming to Sydney Open Conexus can provide all the help in finding a place to stay or arrange a stay without any provision.


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